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Choosing a Rhode Island Private Investigator

RI Private Investigators and Their Services
If you are  looking to hire a private investigator in RI or anywhere for that matter, the first thing to determine is exactly what type you are looking for. Most private investigators are hired for hired for marital issues involving cheating spouses and worker’s compensation fraud. For many private investigators, cheating spouses are second only to worker’s comp. cases in terms of volume.

Hiring a Private Investigator to Investigate a Cheating Spouse
You will generally hire the investigator in blocks of time, say 5 or 10 hours at around 60$ an hour. So, the minimum amount would be $300 to hire a private eye. That is paid upfront. No paying after the job.

It will be up to you to get the best bang for your buck by informing the PI when the subject is to be followed. Simple as a call with “He or she is going somewhere tonight, could you follow?”  The investigator will show up at the subject’s current location in their vehicle and discreetly observe. They will then follow the subject as they engage in their activities, videoing every stop and getting the location on video as well. If subject meets someone then the PI will video their face and location. If requested, the PI can be in cell contact with the customer at this time. The PI can break off the investigation at the customer’s request anytime. Upon completion of the case, whether successful or not, the PI will write a detailed report and submit it to the customer.

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