Info on Truman Lake

Truman Lake

The Truman Lake website is bringing you new information about the Truman Lake/Pomme de Terre area. We hope you enjoy this and we also hope it helps you to understand more about our environment and how we can preserve it for others to enjoy in the future. The more we understand the world around us the more we can appreciate and enjoy all it has to offer. Want to read some blue whale facts

There’s a lot of pain and stress going on in this country because of the lackluster economy and expensive gas prices. A good place to look to find ideas on saving money and doing more things for yourself . These types of sites often have great information on doing things for yourself like making your own pet food, fixing your own appliances or  growing your own tobacco to save on expensive cigarettes.

Gas prices are just about at $4, food prices have seemingly doubled, especially with the way they’re sneakily making the ocean packaging smaller and gov’t taxes and fees are rising  as well. Meanwhile, people are losing jobs and dealing with lowered wages as well.

It’s a tough world that we all must make the best of either by increasing income levels or lowering homeowner expenses.


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